Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work Work Work

Work is one of those words that seems really dumb the more you say it.

Anyway, I told myself I'd post something online today no matter what state this project is in.

Some notes before you check out the video:

-On both characters, fingers and faces are still step-keyed. Ignore that for now.
-Dan (on the right for those that don't know) has been largely untouched since putting plateau keys on the blocking.
-The first half of Gabe's actions are polished, up until Dan grabs him. I'll finish off the second half after Dan's first half is polished. I'm going to need to polish them together at that point.
-I haven't checked Gabe's arcs with motion trails yet.
-something funky happens at one point with Gabe's hand that I need to fix.
-I need to work out Gabe's reaction a little better at the start.

Things I'm finding out:

-I really wish there were an easier way to get from blocking to polish. I have to manually put holds in everywhere before I can put on the plateau keys and it's super-tedious.
-I think for my next thing I do I'm going to try working with full holds instead of the more floaty approach of keeping everything moving a tiny bit. It will have a more cartoony look to it as apposed to the fairly more realistic look I have going now. Not saying I want to permanently change my look but I'm gonna try it out.

So have a look.

New Lip Sync Practice: WIP from Ryan Neff on Vimeo.

I've been moving fairly slow with this piece, not because I'm actually working slow, but I only put in about 3 hours or so at a time, once or twice a day. I'm trying to get better at keeping myself focused for longer, but it's been a chore keeping my motivation up without having a job.

I'd very much like to be done with this so I can get it on my reel. I have been told to be applying without caring about making my reel "perfect," because it never will be, but I just need to replace the dialogue piece I have there now. It's about 2 years old and not that great, and I know I can do much better. Once I get this done, I'm gonna apply like crazy for a job.

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