Saturday, December 15, 2012

Debate Team - Postmortem

Here's the animation I've been making on and off for (too) many months now, finally finished and rendered.

And now I will break down what went well and what didn't:

The Good:

- First time using actual reference in a long time.  It helped quite a bit, and I made sure I didn't over-rely on it for the most part (I'll touch on that later).  I think once I got all the breakdown poses in I left the reference footage alone, allowing me to put a bit of cartoonishness into it

- Speaking of cartoonishness, my intention wasn't to do anything overly cartoony, but little hints of it helped a lot.  Mainly the guy's snappy remark and the girl's reaction and expression.  The reference footage kept it based in reality, especially the first half, so the end is a bit of a contrast.

- This is definitely the best bit of dialogue animation I've done.  It'll definitely be the opener for my CG reel for now; it's not jarring or too in-your-face, but it's still interesting and funny enough to draw attention in.

- The render turned out pretty nice, and at 720p took about 8 hours to render the normal and occlusion passes.  Easy enough to leave the batch render running overnight and wake up to a finished render.  The lighting is pretty decent, and I even had to do some weird light-linking to get everything looking right.  Mental Ray motion actually blur worked for once, so I didn't have to do the crappy After Effects post blur.

The Bad:

- It's not as finished as I'd like.  I had to call it finished so I can move on to other stuff.  I got remarks from Ken Duncan a while back, saying to watch out for where I want attention to be directed, and not to be afraid to put characters in full holds.  The guy tends to be a bit floaty, and I showed him a version where the girl wasn't finished and he commented that he actually preferred her motions at that stage.  I tried going back a bit to the guy to simplify his movements in some spots, but I could do a lot more to it.

- The faces and hands were rushed.  If I had more time, there would be a lot more detail there.

- I kept getting caught up in the reference at the start which set me back a bit.  I'd try to match the footage rather than make it how it should look in the final piece.  I reconciled that for the most part, but that's something I need to address earlier in the process.

- I couldn't get depth of field to work without it screwing up their eye textures for some reason.  I had the same issue when initially adding motion blur but resolved it after a lot of troubleshooting I'd rather not go through again.

- I've forgotten a lot since the class I took on lighting.

- I'd planned on adding props and an outdoor environment, but I didn't give myself time.

- I think After Effects might have slightly offset the audio (by maybe a frame), it might lag behind the video a small bit.


I need to remember to use reference, but use it as a suggestion.  I need to work more holds into the characters, and make sure I know where I want people to be looking on the screen.  And I need to set some sort of schedule for myself to get these things done in a reasonable amount of time.

My plans next are to do some really short action-oriented bits.  Maybe some martial arts type things; some cartoony action, some realistic.  Then maybe a non-dialogue acting scene after that.  I have some ideas in mind, but I'll wait until they're more fleshed out.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with this.  There's a lot that could be fixed, but I need to move on to other stuff.

Monday, December 3, 2012


 Sitting around doodling, decided to digitally paint this random face.

No reference for the head or color, even though it came out looking a lot like that one guy from Lost.

Here's the sketch it came from:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Various things and such.

You may notice a complete overhaul of the blog design.  I completely stole it from a failed side-project blog of mine that I had forgotten about.  As a note, I made the background from scratch in Photoshop some many years ago.  Don't remember how exactly, just know it's a bunch of layers with various blending modes.

Some artworks I did last night:

- Sketches from TV and various images:

- Digital painting based on a random picture (can't find the reference photo).  Pretty happy with this one:

Here's some music stuff I haven't posted on here yet:

An experiment to nail down the scale changes (5 changes in 8 bars, gets pretty confusing).  The lead line is improvised.  Backing part turned out pretty cool and spacey.

Experimenting with a new effect.  This is all one guitar in one take.  You might notice at one point the chord progression from the first song is played.  I think this would be a cool outro to an album.

Other stuff:

Most recent episode of the show I was working on.  Worked on shots randomly throughout the episode, but the biggest one is the one where they're racing each other down the hallway.

Also I realized I never posted this episode:

Again, bunch of random shots throughout.  I think my best shots are the very first one whith him jumping into the tunnel, and the one where he snaps his fingers after noticing the pipe.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Music of some sort

Recorded a song last night.  Wrote it over a year ago, but I didn't have the means to do a proper recording at the time.

The main reason I was hesitant to record before I had better equipment is that I was never able to get a decent clean guitar sound.  With the recording interface/new guitar/amp emulation software I have now, it's far better.  Most of the guitars are completely clean; the solos have a very small amount of overdrive, and the leads in the 2nd part have even less so.

Part 1: 0:00 - 0:57
            Rhythm part is kinda fun, but pretty tiring.  Luckily I recorded that first, and in relatively few takes.  The chord progression is interesting, because each chord has a C# in it somewhere, until the very last transitional chord at 0:56.
            The solo here was the last thing I recorded.  Did a bunch of takes to work out some motifs I wanted to have as the base of the solo and finally got something that worked. 

Part 2 : 0:57 - 1:44
            This is the part where I let myself get weird with time signatures.  First bit is alternating 5/8 and 6/8.  Second bit is 4/8, 7/8, 4/8 repeated.  The next part is 6/8, 4/4, then back to the first part.
            From 1:10 until the end of this part I have 4 guitars playing at once, either in unison, or two playing an octave up.  This was the most worrisome part recording, because I don't have distortion to hide mistakes so I needed to play it fairly accurately.

Part 3: 1:45 - end
            The 2 backing guitars are playing the same chords, but in different ways.  One is playing straight chords, the other is playing sort of improvised arpeggios of those chords.
            The solo here is improvised, although the first and last phrases are basically along the lines of the thing I usually started off my improvisations on this song with.  I'm particularly happy with the bit at ~2:13

Regarding the "bass guitar," parts 1 and 3 are my guitar pitched down an octave.  Part 2 is normal pitch, played on the lowest strings of my guitar.

Drums are exported from Guitar Pro 6, which is primarily a writing program, so they are understandably crappy.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Wrote and recorded this last night, mostly just to test that it would come out right when recording.  I think it really did.

I tried a new metal distortion effect.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I use my old effect, which has a lot more gain, on the lead/higher parts at the beginning and end, but the rhythm parts throughout are the new lower-gain, mid-scooped sound.  Makes the low rhythm parts clearer.

For whatever future song I use this for, here's how I'd use everything.  First part would probably be a chorus, and everything else would be leading into the bridge.  Perhaps the last part would actually be the bridge.  Or at least what could be considered a bride with the wonky song structure I'll probably end up using.

Interesting factoids:  part at 0:35 is sort of in 37/8.  It's 3 bars of 10/8 and a bar of 7/8.  The 10/8 are a little off kilter and syncopated, which gives it an interesting feel.  The solo is stupidly shreddy, improvised in one take, and probably won't carry on to the final song, but I just added it in place of an actual written-out solo in the future.


In other news, the show I've been working on has a new episode out, although I did not really work on this one (outside of a couple of fixes):

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogpost: The Embloggening

It's been forever and a half since my last post, so here's a mess of things:

The show I've been working on, "Swampy's Underground Adventures," just aired its first episode.

I did a handful of shots throughout the whole thing.

In related news, this past Saturday, the first 3 episodes premiered in Disney Stores around the country, and even on Disney's big screen in Times Square.

Since I haven't posted this either, here's the second teaser thatI did a couple of shots for:

New episodes will be posted weekly


Music related stuff:

Since my last post on here, I got a new guitar.  7-string Ibanez RGA7QM

 It's really awesome so far.  It's taking some getting used to, as the neck is a lot wider, and I have another string to keep under control while playing.  It sounds quite good though (especially since the other day, when I finally replaced the factory default strings)

Here's a few things I've recorded with it:

It's a cover of Steven Wilson's "Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye" (see ~2:30), but I'm really proud of this.  Learned the solo by ear in about 10 minutes, looked up the chords and learned them in like 3 minutes, and improvised a bass line with my 7th string, and improvised a little percussive thing by hitting the strings

Sloppy playing all over here, but I was just playing around with fingerpicking.  Fingerpicking hasn't really worked on my old guitars, as the pickups weren't good enough.  Getting some great sound out of this one though

Some metal to really put that 7th string to use.  The gallop rhythm at :43 took a while to get right, but now it's really easy to play.  Improvised solo at the end.

Cover of Haken's "Drowning in the Flood" (intro), to test out metal guitar sound.  Doesn't quite hit as hard as it should without drums, but oh well.  Learned this by ear.

Assorted covers.  The first one is a chord progression from T.R.A.M.'s "HAAS kicker" (see ~3:50) with improv over top.  Second is the refrain from Haken's "Celestial Elixir." (see ~4:50)  Third is a tapping part from Scale the Summit's "Great Plains"(see ~4:05)


 Here's some doodles.  Need to go through my sketchbook and grab a bunch more I've done recently, but the scanner's power adapter is somewhere hidden right now.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something To Do With The Moon - a dissection.

New song!

Inane ramblings to be found below.


Alright, I'm gonna do another long-winded breakdown of this son

General stuff about this song:

I wrote this song back at school about 4-5 years ago, all except the drums on the last 1 minute or so.  I had attempted recordings in the past, but they never went in the direction I wanted.  I've collected more experience and resources to record, so upon rediscovering the song the other day, I decided to try again.

This song was written about the time I was coming down off of a big Power Metal kick and delving more consistently into Progressive music.  The Power Metal influences are probably more particularly present in the later half of the song, but the first few minutes were very prog-rock oriented, even with a bit of a bluesy/almost classic-rock-style bit after the intro.

Specific stuff about this song:

This shouldn't be too long, as this song's a little simpler overall than most of my other songs

0:00 - 0:37 : This was actually one of the harder parts to record.  Both the main guitar part and the backing chords were really awkward to play.  The main guitar part very vaguely musically refers to some of the later lead lines in the second half of the song.

0:38 - 1:53 : One of the few times I've bothered to actually write out a solo.  Really tame and clean, but I think it fits the tone really well.  Starting at 1:22, the transition part is kinda neat.  I have a bit of counterpoint (I think that's what I'd call it) in the guitar parts

1:53 - 2:29 : Reversed guitar chords play to build up to this part, which is pretty simple, but works really well in contrast to the start of the song.  The lead guitars are panned left and right.  the left part is the one I had written for this song since the beginning, but the right one was improvised during recording.

2:30 - 3:05 : Probably the darkest-sounding riff in a fairly upbeat song.  The solo was improvised, turned out pretty decent.

3:06 - 3:41 : Back to the part before the last one, drums change up a bit.  Not much to say here.

3:42 - 4:17 : The transitional riff here is pretty fun to play.  The lead guitars continuing from the last part were improvised.  There's actually a moment of complete silence from everything in the rest before the whole band comes back it.  It took a lot of finagling to get that to sound right.  This part works pretty well as a transitional section to the Power Metal-y bits of the rest of the song.

4:18 - 4:53 : fairly basic Iron Maiden-y gallop rhythm, with piano and lead guitar paired playing the lead

4:54 - end : This is probably one of the most fun rhythm parts I've written.  I like having the piano playing the lead by itself at first, making the part when the guitar comes in with it much better.  The drums are intentionally sort of half-time at the start to avoid a bit of the power metal sound, at least until the lead guitar comes in.


Had a good bit of advice from Tim on mixing this one, but I did still do it all myself.  The guitar effects were all through Guitar Rig 4.  Most if not all were customized sounds, but pretty heavily based on some defaults.  I got good enough sounds that I didn't have to do a lot to the mixes outside of some volume mixing.  The most trouble I had was probably with the first 2 minutes.  I doubled a lot of the tracks, putting different effects on each until I got an overall sound that worked.

Most of the actual volume mixing went into the strings and piano.  Might not be incredibly noticeable, but that's the point of mixing, so I'd say that was a success.

Here's a giant picture of my screens when I'm working:

 The left half is Reaper, where all the recording is done (this screenshot was taken about 3/4 of the way through recording, there ended up being about 4 more tracks).  Most of the right half is Reason, where all of the drums, piano, bass, and strings are coming from.  This program is wired into Reaper on Track 1.  The left side of Reason is all the instruments and mixing, the upper right is the sequencer (where all the music is written).  The bottom right, half hidden by Reason is Guitar Rig, so I can hear what I'm playing live as I record.  Technically, there is another copy of this program open for each track in Reaper.  I'm a bit surprised nothing exploded.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Drawings and words.

First up, a drawing that I did for a thing on the SketchDaily subreddit.  I sort of totally ignored the goal once I got started.  The idea was to do 3 drawings of one subject at 1 minute, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes.  I rather did a 1 minute sketch, refined it for 10 minutes, refined it again for 30, and then spent way too long coloring it.

 Here's the progress drawings I submitted to the actual thread.

I didn't use any reference for this, which usually results in crap.  Granted, the proportions are a bit off in places, but for no reference I'm pretty satisfied with this.  Also, this is the first drawing that I can say has more life the more I refined it.  Most of the time, my sketches feel good, but once I clean it up, it sort of flattens out and dies a little.

A good example of that problem happening is with this fisherman I drew a while back:
Final - Especially the eyes, they look a lot less alive in this version.


And here's some sketches I did when I was trying to come up with a good figure to draw for the thread.  The barbarian kinda guy is a bit wonky.  I was going for cartoonish proportions but the end result wasn't too cartoony so it kinda ruins it.  Wizard's pose was just a bit bland.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sketchbookery - Airport peoples

Spent a lot of time in airports this past week, and I did a bit of doodling random people.  I think one or two drawings are from before the airport, but not worth making a different post.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A song, and more text than is necessary to describe said song.

I made a song.

It goes like this:

Clicky link here.

Now for the text!

I'm going to explain the entire song in a brain-explodingly exciting manner.  There will be drama, intrigue, and action, but mostly wordy quasi-technical musical descriptions.

I guess I'll just list the parts and talk about each of them.

Part 1 // 0:00 - 0:22 :  Improvised lead part.  It's the same recording on 2 tracks.  They're run through the same effects, slightly different EQ.  The tracks were then spaced verrrrry slightly apart on the timeline and panned slightly left and right, to give a wider sound.  This was improvised and recorded in one take, and it was done after the body of the song was already finished.

I really like the gritty dissonance the 7 arpeggiated chord makes at the start.  That's not a mistake.  The rest follows my typical improv style; slow and deliberate, really spacy.  This is partly because I'm not really comfortable enough improvising fast parts, but I really feel less is more in leads in many cases.

Part 2 (A) // 0:22 -0:47 :  The main rhythm for the song comes in here.  It sounds deceptively simple.  Actually it is simple, but there's a bit of a twist on it.  It's a straight rhythm of (beat) (beat) (rest) played over 4 bars of 4/4 and a bar of 2/4 (making it sort of 18/4).  The drums are playing in the 4/4 feel, while the guitar (b) (b) (r) 3/8(?) feel creates an interesting counter to it.

The lead that comes in was somewhat improvised.  The low part was actually improvised when I was going to make the whole section an improv solo.  I liked the one part so much, I made it the repeating lead line.  I added a higher harmony line which is usually the relative 3rd except at the very end of the lick.  These were recorded on the same tracks as the opening lead, but only one track per part.

Part 2 (B) // 0:47 - 1:12 :  Another guitar part comes in at 0:47, matching the rhythm guitar, but playing the 5th.  The drums change up, getting the ride cymbal to give it some energy, some sporadic rapid snare fills to keep it interesting.  At 1:01 another guitar comes in, also matching the rhythm, but finishing out the chords for the progression used throughout the song (my usual 7th and sus2 chords that I use in basically everything.)  The drums change it up a bit in the fills to build energy for the next part.

Part 3 // 1:12 - 1:38 :  This is the "refrain" I suppose, and it was the first part written.  In the rhythm guitars, I have one playing low power chords in the (b) (b) (r) pattern.  The other one is playing the same rhythm, but is playing the full chords an octave up.  These are panned left and right, making the sound pretty expansive.  The lead part in this section was written to counter the rhythm.  While the rhythm hits (B) (B) (r), the lead hits (b) (b) (B), accenting the beat that the other guitars are resting.  making a sort of bouncing effect.  The bass drum and snare follow this pattern of 3s while the cymbals keep the 4/4 feel going.

Halfway through this part, the drums and bass throw in some extra notes (noticeable in the bass drum fills) and the cymbals change up a bit.  The lead splits into two parts.  Mostly 3rd and 4th intervals in the harmony.

I'm really satisfied with the sound here, usually it's hard to get a really hard-hitting and full sound that doesn't get too muddled.

Part 4 // 1:38 - 1:50 : Fairly straightforward transitional metal-style riff.  This part is in straight 4/4 (no extra measure of 2/4)  The lead part was improvised same as the opening lead line.

Part 5 // 1:50 - 2:08 :  Probably the most interesting and complicated part in the song.  There are 3 distinct patterns going on here, and they all weave through each other, creating a strange panning syncopation.

Bass drum / Low guitar:
//  (b) (b) (r) (b) (b) (r) (b) (b)  /  (b) (r) (b) (b) (b) (r) (b) (b) /...
Mid Guitar
//  (b) (b) (b) (r) (b) (b) (b) (r)  /  (b) (b) (b) (r) (b) (b) (b) (r) /...
High Guitar
//  (b) (r) (b) (r) (b) (r) (b) (r)   /   (b) (r) (b) (r) (b) (r) (b) (r) / ...

the part at 2:02 is relatively simple, using the main rhythm as a transition to the next part.

Part 6 // 2:02 - end :  The refrain part is repeated pretty much verbatim.  Part 4 is called back to for the end riff.  There's also the lead from part 2 playing again while the guitars fade, EQ'd so the highs and lows are mostly gone and it's all mids.  I just figured the end could use a little something aside from just the fade out.


So that's a lot of text for a 3 minute song.

It probably sounds a bit pretentious, but this whole thing is sort of a postmortem exercise to get myself to look at what I did and why.  I'm not sure how much of that is decipherable to anyone else, but opinions on the actual song are welcome.  My perspective is one that is familiar with this type of music, so I might be interested in how other people hear the song.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some musical experiments

I made some music in the past couple days, mostly as experiments.  I'll explain them in greater detail than anyone could care about below.


This song started as an experiment with 2 guitars pan hard right and left playing alternating chords to give a really spacious and artificially reverb-y feel.  That was all fine and good and whatever, but the actual interesting part came when I added the lead.

The lead was initially just a lightly distorted, high-reverb, subtle delay effect, but I accidentally added a different effect on top of that.  The effect was some strange reverse-delay thing that sounded really spacy and ambient on it's own, but when I ran the sound with the first effect through it, it came out really dirty and noisy, but I really liked it.  I panned that half-left, and duplicated the track.  This time I fed the sound through the 2nd effect first, and the 1st after that, and panned that half-right.  That's the higher pitched and more echo-y effect.

The lead was improvised, as were the chords to some extent.  I attempted a minimalistic drum beat, but it was still too much.


I wanted to record some acoustic guitar for the first time in a while.  I roughed out the idea for this song a few days ago. 

I have a microphone, but no stand.  I had to improvise with a guitar stand:

There are 2 guitar strumming parts, each part has 2 separate tracks recorded (panned hard right and slightly left for one, hard left and slightly right for the other).  Just some basic EQ on each to make them less flat.  The lead part ran through Amplitube 3 for some slight effects to separate it from the other guitars.

I reinstalled Reason so I can get some nice stings and piano going in there.  Strings match the lower guitar strumming, piano matches both guitar parts.  I did a nice trick with the strings to make them sound fuller.  I duplicated the track, panned right and left, EQ'd the left to be more bass, and the right to be more highs, and very slightly offset the tracks in the timeline.  Just that small trick made the sound much bigger.  I did the same to the lower piano part, but that part is rather far down in the mix so you can't notice it too easily.

Lead was (lazily) improvised, the rest of the song was somewhat written when I recorded.  The lead would be more solid, but I haven't played a lot of acoustic lately so my fingers weren't holding up by the end. 

Anyway, I'm actually pretty proud of this one, especially for the sound I managed to get from my $20 Best Buy microphone tied to a guitar stand.  But also, it's probably the best-mixed (aside from overall volume) of the songs I've recorded myself.  The first song I was mostly interested in the noise I managed to create, but I think the 2nd one has some solid potential.  And now I know how I can get acoustic guitars to sound really solid.


I'm probably gonna get back to animating over the next few days.  Not sure when work is going to pop up, so we'll see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Debate Team" animation: Blocking 1

So I'm finally back to animating non-Flash stuff.  Which is a relief.

I made one blocking pass on each character.  I tried out making a keyframe every 10 frames, and then adding necessary poses in between those when needed.  This is the first piece I've heavily used video reference for, and even though it's in a step-keyed blocking phase, I think it's showing.  I used to have an issue with reference footage where I feel it's sort of cheating.  Well, I still do, but I've realized it's illogical and I need to get over it.  At least I shot the footage myself, so it's still all my own work.

Anyway, I'll be making second passes on both characters, to get a keyframe at least every 5 frames.  My last attempted project I jumped into polish far far too soon, and it ultimately killed the project for me.  I'm going to block the hell out of this one, probably making a 3rd pass to make sure there's poses ever 2-4 frames or so before I dig into polish.

Audio clip is from "Strangers With Candy," Season 1, Episode 7

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music Experimentations

I made this little recording as practice the other day:

This is a cover of Avishai Cohen Trio's "Seattle."  I had transcribed that bit of the song by ear a while ago, and I finished transcribing the rest last night.  As is probably obvious, I decided to transcribe it as 2 separate guitar parts, mixing them hard right and left to make it really spacious.

Here's the full transcription as of last night:

I plan on making a prog-rock-fusion cover of this song, hopefully enlisting the help of one or two other people.  We'll see how that goes.

Here's the original song:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Some drawings and some other drawings. Also some more drawings.

Here's a guy I drew last night for the "Post-Apocalypse" category on :

Turned out a little too similar to TF2's pyro, but I noticed that a little too late in the process.

Here's a drawing I did on a lunch break at James Gibson's request to draw a "T-rex exercising."

This is another James request: "Burger Fishing"

here's some assorted sketches:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Large post of assorted things. Also some stuff.

I did another one of my drawing request things a few days ago. Sorry I didn't get to everyone, but I might get to more if I have time this week.

David Szmit - "a mountain of dead rabbits"

Brittani Franco - "a wolf puking fire"

James Gibson - "The deepest, innermost personification of your soul."

Kimberly Sanders - "Draw meeeeeee!"

I did some drawings while watching 28 Days Later. The last half of the movie makes me somewhat uncomfortable after having watched Christopher Eccleston in Doctor Who.

Some music stuff:

Wrote this while I was recording it. drums were done after everything else was completely recorded, which was an interesting method to try out.

Self-indulgent, largely improvised, spacey guitar work. One of the chord progressions evolved into the above song.

Cover of the first few minutes of the Exivious song "Waves of Thought"

Changed the mix and guitar effects on the song I recorded a month or two back.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Self Portrait

This took me longer than I care to admit. Actually, I wasn't keeping track of how long it took so there's nothing to admit.

This is probably the first photoshop painting I've done where I didn't start with line art, and one of the few that didn't make me ragequit halfway through.

Also, I covered a bit of an Exivious song a few days ago. This song is murder on my fingers with all the jazz chords, but since I started learning it I've already noticed some improvement in my other playing, which progress is normally slow enough that I don't notice it.

Still a lot of mistakes, and I can't play the solos at all, but I'll get there hopefully.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some figure drawings (not entirely safe for the workplace environment).

I remembered I bookmarked this tool a while ago:

They've updated it since the last time I used it, and it's a lot more functional now. They also have an animal version up top which I've yet to really use.

Anyway, I went into this with the intention of these just being quick gesture drawings, but as usual I get bogged down in details and they got more fleshed-out (HIYOOOOO... sorry) than intended.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Community Webisodes

So I worked on these webisodes for the TV series Community at Animax.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Here's what I worked on:

Episode 1: Abed's animation, Study Room background design.

Episode 2: All animation up to the "5 minutes later" screen, All set design except the lounge (vending machine area)

Episode 3: All animation on Britta, study room background design.

I worked on all of these with a handful of others, including Sir James of Gibson.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Late-night musicmaking.

I stayed up way too late last night making this. I wrote and recorded it in the space of about 3.5 hours, and I'm pretty happy with the result for something so quick, and somewhat improvised.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Drawing Requests

I asked some people on Facebook to give me things to draw, this was the result.

A "greyhound driving a Greyhound bus"

"Dave getting kidnapped in Mexico" (won't make sense at all to many people, so apologies.)

"updated profile picture" - I'm apparently super old now that I'm 24. A small step from 75.

"A man in a panda suit drowning while doing his taxes." Pretty much explains itself.

This one didn't come from that Facebook post, but from a friend I was talking to on Steam. It's a Jetpack Unicorn, if you can't tell.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Quick sketches with some quick coloring of Daenerys and Ned Stark from A Game of Thrones.

If you are unfamiliar with said show/books, you should probably do something to change that.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm not good at coming up with titles for things.

I recorded this whole song yesterday as practice. It's somewhat sloppy and mostly unmixed at the moment. I'd like some input on it though, even though I realize it's probably not to most people's taste.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I need to update this thing. So that's what I'm doing.

This is just something I just sketched, I'm gonna try and digitally paint it. We'll see how that goes.

Also, here's a MIDI version of a song I'm working on. Not much else to say about it at this point.
11-06-11 with bass2 by Ryanimation