Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh look, more songs.

Posting a couple things I recorded in the past few weeks:

This one turned out pretty cool.  Started with a simple chord progression (well, deceptively simple.  Lots of sus2 and 6 and 7 chords and whatnot) to which I added the atmospheric track.  I recorded some improv solos, and then another atmospheric effect track that comes in at 3:00ish.  The end of the solo track was sort of a half-mistake that went somewhere cool.  I bent a pitch to the wrong note, so I had sort of given up on that take and just messing around kept playing that wrong pitch bend, but then started to notice it could work.  In post, I faded it out, and faded in the same track with some spacey distortion, and faded that into the atmospheric track.  Kinda neat.


This was interesting.  Using a drumbeat and synths pretty unorthodox for what I usually do, I created a quick loop and went ahead and recorded a solo track.  This is one of those loops where it's bouncing back and forth between 2 different scales as the chords change, giving a bit of a jazz element to it.  I followed that pretty strictly for most of it until the ~4:00 area where it devolved into controlled noise and nonsense.  Brought in a rhythm guitar section towards the end and the lead track began to match the clean guitars.  Between this, the track at the top, and some older stuff, I've been looking more at the electronic/heavily processed side of things.  I'm thinking about getting a small MIDI controller keyboard in the future to mess around with more synth stuff.


Pretty simple, just a loop of fake drums, fake bass, clean guitar, and an improv track.