Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Computator drawerings and what have you.

I made these.  Not much to say here, other than "I really need a Cintiq."


For the next 2 things, these were made for 2 music subreddits' banners.

First, /r/progrockmusic. A subreddit for, well, Prog Rock music.

See it in action HERE

Second, /r/epicmetal.  A subreddit for, well, epic metal.

Background was done really hastily, but the guy turned out pretty cool:

See it in action HERE
These were done in the spirit of the /r/progmetal banner I made some time back.


And now for the music portion of tonight's broadcast:

Here's a sloppy recording I did the same night I wrote this part.  It was made more out of boredom than anything else.  Solo is improvised:

Here's a sloppy clip of a song I wrote a short time ago.  Done as a proof-of-concept for myself.  Solo at the end is improv:

Here's a not-sloppy, but computerized version of the song the previous clip comes from.