Saturday, December 1, 2012

Various things and such.

You may notice a complete overhaul of the blog design.  I completely stole it from a failed side-project blog of mine that I had forgotten about.  As a note, I made the background from scratch in Photoshop some many years ago.  Don't remember how exactly, just know it's a bunch of layers with various blending modes.

Some artworks I did last night:

- Sketches from TV and various images:

- Digital painting based on a random picture (can't find the reference photo).  Pretty happy with this one:

Here's some music stuff I haven't posted on here yet:

An experiment to nail down the scale changes (5 changes in 8 bars, gets pretty confusing).  The lead line is improvised.  Backing part turned out pretty cool and spacey.

Experimenting with a new effect.  This is all one guitar in one take.  You might notice at one point the chord progression from the first song is played.  I think this would be a cool outro to an album.

Other stuff:

Most recent episode of the show I was working on.  Worked on shots randomly throughout the episode, but the biggest one is the one where they're racing each other down the hallway.

Also I realized I never posted this episode:

Again, bunch of random shots throughout.  I think my best shots are the very first one whith him jumping into the tunnel, and the one where he snaps his fingers after noticing the pipe.

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