Sunday, April 8, 2012

Large post of assorted things. Also some stuff.

I did another one of my drawing request things a few days ago. Sorry I didn't get to everyone, but I might get to more if I have time this week.

David Szmit - "a mountain of dead rabbits"

Brittani Franco - "a wolf puking fire"

James Gibson - "The deepest, innermost personification of your soul."

Kimberly Sanders - "Draw meeeeeee!"

I did some drawings while watching 28 Days Later. The last half of the movie makes me somewhat uncomfortable after having watched Christopher Eccleston in Doctor Who.

Some music stuff:

Wrote this while I was recording it. drums were done after everything else was completely recorded, which was an interesting method to try out.

Self-indulgent, largely improvised, spacey guitar work. One of the chord progressions evolved into the above song.

Cover of the first few minutes of the Exivious song "Waves of Thought"

Changed the mix and guitar effects on the song I recorded a month or two back.

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