Friday, November 2, 2012


Wrote and recorded this last night, mostly just to test that it would come out right when recording.  I think it really did.

I tried a new metal distortion effect.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I use my old effect, which has a lot more gain, on the lead/higher parts at the beginning and end, but the rhythm parts throughout are the new lower-gain, mid-scooped sound.  Makes the low rhythm parts clearer.

For whatever future song I use this for, here's how I'd use everything.  First part would probably be a chorus, and everything else would be leading into the bridge.  Perhaps the last part would actually be the bridge.  Or at least what could be considered a bride with the wonky song structure I'll probably end up using.

Interesting factoids:  part at 0:35 is sort of in 37/8.  It's 3 bars of 10/8 and a bar of 7/8.  The 10/8 are a little off kilter and syncopated, which gives it an interesting feel.  The solo is stupidly shreddy, improvised in one take, and probably won't carry on to the final song, but I just added it in place of an actual written-out solo in the future.


In other news, the show I've been working on has a new episode out, although I did not really work on this one (outside of a couple of fixes):

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