Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogpost: The Embloggening

It's been forever and a half since my last post, so here's a mess of things:

The show I've been working on, "Swampy's Underground Adventures," just aired its first episode.

I did a handful of shots throughout the whole thing.

In related news, this past Saturday, the first 3 episodes premiered in Disney Stores around the country, and even on Disney's big screen in Times Square.

Since I haven't posted this either, here's the second teaser thatI did a couple of shots for:

New episodes will be posted weekly


Music related stuff:

Since my last post on here, I got a new guitar.  7-string Ibanez RGA7QM

 It's really awesome so far.  It's taking some getting used to, as the neck is a lot wider, and I have another string to keep under control while playing.  It sounds quite good though (especially since the other day, when I finally replaced the factory default strings)

Here's a few things I've recorded with it:

It's a cover of Steven Wilson's "Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye" (see ~2:30), but I'm really proud of this.  Learned the solo by ear in about 10 minutes, looked up the chords and learned them in like 3 minutes, and improvised a bass line with my 7th string, and improvised a little percussive thing by hitting the strings

Sloppy playing all over here, but I was just playing around with fingerpicking.  Fingerpicking hasn't really worked on my old guitars, as the pickups weren't good enough.  Getting some great sound out of this one though

Some metal to really put that 7th string to use.  The gallop rhythm at :43 took a while to get right, but now it's really easy to play.  Improvised solo at the end.

Cover of Haken's "Drowning in the Flood" (intro), to test out metal guitar sound.  Doesn't quite hit as hard as it should without drums, but oh well.  Learned this by ear.

Assorted covers.  The first one is a chord progression from T.R.A.M.'s "HAAS kicker" (see ~3:50) with improv over top.  Second is the refrain from Haken's "Celestial Elixir." (see ~4:50)  Third is a tapping part from Scale the Summit's "Great Plains"(see ~4:05)


 Here's some doodles.  Need to go through my sketchbook and grab a bunch more I've done recently, but the scanner's power adapter is somewhere hidden right now.

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