Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The post before this one: Part 2

In progress on color.


First, about the gradient background: it's temporary. I may keep the blurry color look but it's gonna be hand-drawn. Tennant (middle) is done I think. The others just have basic colors. The method I'm using is very very tedious but it's precise and gives and interesting look I think. I have the solid colors on one layer, and the shading on one or more other layers. I mark off the approximate areas I want to work on for shading with the pen tool, and use a large soft brush to do it. That way I can get hard edges where I want (such as the hair and coat) and they fade out, looking gradated. Maybe there's a quicker way but whatever, I'm liking how it looks. Which is good, because normally at this stage I really start to hate my work.

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