Thursday, August 19, 2010

Animation Progress

First off here are the thumbnails I made for this thing:

Kinda sloppy so some of it's probably a bit confusing at the top, but I know what's going on so that's all that matters. Gabe's standing in for David, Dan for Michael (the first speaker). I'm gonna be pushing cartoonyness on Dan and Gabe will be much more reserved. Should be a nice little experiment.

Well here's what I have for Dan's lip sync blocking. I might have gone too far into it to start, seeing as it's almost done. I need to go and add holds, especially on m's v's and f's since throwing splines on this makes those look strange.

New Lip Sync practice: Sync Blocking Pt.1 from Ryan Neff on Vimeo.

Some of that looks like it doesn't hit right but I think it's vimeo's fault in some places. The .avi file looks better, but there do need to be some adjustments.

As I wasn't sure if I should do lip sync first or later, I'm going to be doing Gabe's sync after some blocking or blocking+ and get a feel for both ways.

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  1. Yo, good idea trying both doing lip sync first and second. I would also recommend with the second one to use the Muppet-mouth technique. It looks here like you're trying to nail all the phonemes and stuff in one go. Lip sync is actually somewhere where going the cg layering route not only saves time but makes good looking stuff.

    If you don't know the Muppet-mouth technique, it's simply flapping the mouth open and close (like, just animate tx on the jaw)with the right timing. You can put your finger under your chin and say the line to figure out where and when the mouth opens and closes, trying to go with the most simplified route. You can also get a pretty good read of open and close shapes from the timeline. Once you have the mouth flapping open and close convincingly you work on the ins and outs of the corners of the mouth; this gets you the o's and e's respectively. Once you have those two things working your sync is like 80-90% there. Then you can start playing with raising and lowering the corners of the mouth and can have fun shaping the lips to really nail the phonemes and really throw in some interesting mouth shapes and it's surprising what you can get away with since you have the solid base from the first two passes.