Thursday, March 10, 2011

Festival info! (And, of course, a model update)

First off, Lunch Breaks is finally in a festival!
Lunch Breaks Blog

Second, model updates:

Made the face skinnier, and made adjustments all over. Mouth, brow, a bit to the ears, the jaw, the neck. This model is actually looking decent smoothed, which is cool (last image, obviously).

If anyone knows any really good 3d hand modeling tutorials, I would be very appreciative. I gave two attempts on my own with hilariously awful results.



    Lots of videos tutorials for animation.

  2. this one seems pretty decent...

  3. my main critique at this point is his lower lip. I love how it protrudes and all, i just think the line of the lower lip should be brought down a bit. It looks as if he has his lip curled up like he has a big wad of chew or something. You can really feel the batman ref in the side view. Somehow in the front and side his head looks big and square but in 3/4 it looks rather skinny.