Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Even More Model Updates! (Oh, joy!)

This is probably starting to seem like spam, posting tiny updates every day or so, but I'm doing this to make sure that I keep up on this.

So, obvious change is the first pass on the ears. They're a bit rough right now. More subtle fixes are in the mouth/chin area. I changed up some stuff in the jaw to match the drawings a bit better, and fixed up the mouth to make it not look as much like he's puffing his lips.

Also, I'm really damn slow at modeling.


(Don't judge the brow/mouth to harshly, they need some work)

Per request from Dave, and a response:

I like the ears at the size they are, it makes his head a bit less tiny compared to his body. I do need to adjust the placement a bit, but there is something I like about them being further back. That, in combination to the way his brow/nose looks, gives him a tiny bit of a bird-like face. I keep thinking of Sam the Eagle actually. Which is awesome. The ears probably do need to come forward a bit and fan out slightly. But this is just a first pass on ears. I want to fix some stuff in the eyes/brow first.

I'm also thinking the head is too wide right now, might squish it a bit.


  1. His ears seem a tad big for his head, as well as kinda far back. Hows he look from the front?

  2. when you think about how it'll look when you add the beard on, his ears *might* be a bit far back, but yeah, def don't shrink them. Loving the progress!

  3. I've already done some changes that fix a lot. the ears moved a tiny bit, but the issue was the jaw line didn't meet with the ear. That's basically resolved. I also squashed the face in, and while it doesn't match my drawing too well, it looks a lot better.