Monday, September 20, 2010

Fake Mustache

Fake Mustache from Ryan Neff on Vimeo.

I'm calling it done (for now) aside from some possible camera adjustments, and I'm planning on rendering it out this week.

I just need this done and on my reel. If there's any glaring issues let me know but otherwise I'm gonna be done.


  1. My main comment would be that since Dan is so over the top I have trouble knowing where to look. Especially around f74 where Dan's gesturing about a mustache and Gabe is patting himself down. I feel like I should probably look at Dan because he's making the specific gesture for what this is all about but his movement is smaller than Gabe's chest brushing(and maybe even a tad slower or at least not as sharp). If you were to revisit this, I'd suggest figuring out where you want us to look. If you want us to look at Dan, maybe play Gabe without brushing his chest. For some reason I didn't notice that Dan was brushing across his lib for the mustaches gesture for a few times too. Maybe that's an issue of favoring the extreme side to side positions on that move a bit more). Sorry I didn't notice this before, I guess I wasn't in my animator's mindset as much before.

    I think before calling it quits quits, I'd recommend giving the lip sync another pass of love. Depending on how it's actually playing in quicktime I'd say for starters slide the mouth controllers ahead 2 or so frames, then just make sure things are inbetweening right. One thing I learned this summer is to be sure that m's and f's in particular are held for at least 3 frames if not more here and there. If you need to, you can eat into the previous sound more than you can the following sound. You also don't have to just hold the lips still. For an m, you can bring the lips together, compress them, then move them up (like the lower lip is stronger) as a moving hold to keep the lips from just freezing.

    Now here's my totally derailing thought/extrapolation of my comment way above. Since Gabe's look down and back up after the poke is a tad on the too fast side, I'd say let him look down a bit slower, like 4-maybe 8 frames slower then hold there for a good 12 or so frames, then move to looking up at Dan in about 8-10 frames (with a tight 4 frame cushion after into the up pose). And try to have all that time to have Gabe looking up for the "...fake mustaches..." line. And for Dan, you could maybe push his face into more of a comical making fun of fancy pretentious people face while he twirls his imaginary fake curly mustache.

  2. All that considered, I do think you've worked out a lot of the mechanics and acting nicely and you have a nice piece to put on your reel that I'm sure will pleasantly surprise most recruiters, what with this crazy guy popping out of nowhere and all.

  3. Thanks for all the comments, I think I will at least take another pass on the lip sync. I already shifted it 2 frames from my initial work, so I think I just need to go over and fix things a bit better, and do the holds on m's and f's. I think I'll also play with Gabe's head looking down. I don't know why I didn't see how ridiculously fast that is. I think I've just been staring at this too much.