Friday, June 4, 2010

Musics! (Not actually mine but sorta mine but not actually)

So way back in High School sometime, I participated in writing a song with my then-bandmates. Recently, one of the bandmates, a sir Timothy of Chimes recorded said song with his new band Owl, and featuring my other bandmate Sir David of Kiel on the vocalizations. Tim played guitar and bass (and keys?) and his bandmate Bruce played drums.

Well here it is:

This was back when we were still not very great at writing transitions between parts (but oh, were we getting better. Some of that old stuff...ugh). The last two sections of this song, starting at 3:12 to the end, were definitely my favorite (and if I recall correctly I think I wrote those parts). Dave's vocals on these parts turned out pretty epic.

Anywho, for publicity sake, here's a link to Tim's band's blog:

A plan is sorta in the works right now for me to visit him at Bowling Green for a day or two or three and record one of my songs I'm currently finishing up with Tim's assistance. Should be superawesome, and that song will go straight up here when it's done, as well as anything else we end up doing.

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