Friday, May 28, 2010

Work for the next few weeks

So I've given myself a lipsync assignment for the summer, it's a bit intense but it will hopefully help out my demo reel quite a bit. It's a 30-second sound clip, so it's gonna take a good couple weeks to do. I picked it out last night, and I've already gone and thumbnailed out most of it and set up a small set to use, even lit and did some basic shading to things. I'm gonna be using the Dan model from the thesis. Here's the clip:

It's from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is a good movie if you haven't seen it. I figured it would have a good range of big and small movements and details to work with, should be fun.

When I get some progress and access to my scanner again I'll post a video and my thumbnails.

I'd also like to get a lipsync with Harold sometime, it's harder to find parts for a really fat guy like him.

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  1. oh damn, that's a great clip. Throw it up on the personal work in progress forums on the 11secondclub and get a bunch of critique there too!