Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Muuuuuusic! Oh, and I have a website.

My website is now up, but still a work in progress.
Bio isn't there, the Other Work page is nonexistent, but hey it's something. Plus I'm gonna rethink text colors. But that all is for later.

I feel like putting some of my music up here for folks to have a listen. So I will.

All of this stuff was made in the last year or two, using my amp, a $20 mic plugged straight into my computer, and the program Reason for making drum/bass/keys parts. Most of these are recorded and mixed poorly, but I just make these for fun so no big deal there.

So a fairly simple one to start:

This was a sort of experiment recording clean guitar which i had issues with in the past. It also has a bit of acoustic guitar, and the not-too audible bass part is my acoustic pitched down an octave. I think the drums might be a bit overpowering, but I like to play along to this with distortion and it works quite well.

A quieter song:

Playing with recording acoustic guitar. All of this was written and recorded in like 20 minutes. The improv solo deal isn't too great though.

Something a bit heavier:

I wrote this song in sections over a good couple months in midi format, moved it into Reason about a year and a half ago, and recorded it last year. This is the best sound I got out of recording distorted guitar. I like this song for the way I played with time signatures and evolved the main riff. I'm not much of an improviser or big on solos so I focused on a melodic sort of rhythm.

A little bit of a song:

Just playing around with a piece of something I never put in a whole song. Distortion didn't record too well. I really have a thing for sus2 chords, and that is literally this entire piece. I also have a thing for 7/8 time signatures which it goes into at the end.

This is how the previous clip started out, before I added all the extra bits.

Most recent full song:

Really unhappy with the recording quality and mixing here, but I like the music. I wrote this in sections spread out over a few weeks this past summer. I played more with harmonies/multiple guitar parts than I usually do, which is nice. The piece goes a bit all over the place musically, but that's how a lot of my stuff turns out. I don't like to stay in one place too long. There's an improv solo bit at the end which is bleh, but whatever.

Here's a MIDI song (from Guitar Pro):

I really like this song because I played so much with polymeter, polyrhythm, and syncopation. Plus lots of sus2 chords make me happy. Never got around to actually recording this, next chance I have this will be what I work on. Also the part near the start where there are no drums, I kinda hate and never developed or replaced. Hopefully that will be fixed later.

And here's a song I wrote way back in late freshman year, in Reason (basically nicer sounding MIDI):

Not entirely finished but you get the idea. Starts out a lot mellower than my usual and picks up at the end. Don't have drums for the last bit, and mixing in that part is wonky. I'm rather fond of the strings part.

Not all of that is for everyone, I know, but it's how I like to spend some of my free time.

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  1. A couple few things about the website. First of all, it looks great. I'd say you should definitely have a breakdown sitting somewhere near your reel. Also, about your reel, you need at least title cards between the thesis stuff and the lip sync stuff so it's in a context.