Friday, March 28, 2014

Robot Chicken/DC Comics Art Show, and other things.

So here's the final piece I made for the Robot Chicken DC Comics Art Show.

Direct Image Link for zoomification

All done in Photoshop.  Lots of pen tool, lots of layers, lots of masking, and bits of the brush tool.  And it was done in far too many hours, in the span of far too few days.  The show is Friday, so I might make another post Saturday on how that goes.


Music stuff to catch up on:

Not-So-Black Metal:

A song using some fast double-bass drumming and some blast beats, with a bit of a post-metal vibe and my usual upbeat-ish improv solo.


E-bow Thing:

It's a thing.  I made it using my new e-bow.  Hence the "E-bow Thing" thing.



Looped backing track and some improvised solos for most of it.  Some more metally riffing at the end.  Plus, synth sounds I made myself in Reason.



Quick idea recorded with just guitars (originally to a metronome), because I was too lazy to actually write this progression down I just recorded it.  Probably no easier in the long run.  Also quasi-improvised, especially on the right-channel.

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