Saturday, March 2, 2013

Making Up Blog Post Titles Is Tedious Work: A True Story

Made another song yesterday.  It's pretty drastically different from what I usually make.

It started with playing with my loop pedal, but I decided to try and make something listenable out of it instead of the monophonic unmixed mess that is the usual result (see previous post).

All of the sounds (aside from the drums) are made with the guitar through my Line6 Pod, and straight into the computer.  The only post effects are EQ balancing and panning of individual tracks.

I was relatively smart about the EQ this time around.  Each track has a different EQ balance (there are 9 guitar tracks/1 drum track playing by the end), and each track has a range of frequencies boosted and a range that has been nearly removed, and the other tracks fill in the gaps so each track has its own frequency range to really come through.  I would normally do this, but I'm usually lazy about it.

Drums were a bit of an afterthought but they work really well with the song.  Made in Reason.

All in all a pretty neat experiment.

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