Sunday, January 20, 2013

A song, an animation, and another animation.

First, a song.

I wrote this as I went along so it's largely improvised.  Actually, it had no drums until about 30 minutes after the rest of the song was recorded.  Just had a weird 2:30 AM impulse to try something different with some electronic-y drums.  I admit to a lot of looping of guitar parts in this.  I normally don't do that, but my intention when starting wasn't to record a whole song. just to write the arpeggio part.

Overall I'd say it's kind of sloppy (should have started with drums, in hindsight), but I like some of the ideas going on here.

And I'm not sure what genre this falls under.  I wrote and recorded it as an ambient thing with some post-rock elements, but added the electronic drums later.  Now I dunno what.  Not that it matters to much.

Added a bassy synth.  Kinda neat.

Now, an animation:

My work is from about 0:16 to about 0:36.  I had one more shot that appears to have been cut (probably for the best, it never felt right.)  That's the last one I worked on for this show.

And another animation:

(posted this to facebook a little while ago, haven't done anything to it since) Work in progress, obviously.  There's going to be a beginning and end to this that I haven't animated yet.  I'm pretty happy with the direction it's going.  Somewhere between cartoony and realism.

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